Purpose of Usage

Refraction correction

Alleviating photophobia

Covering abnormal pupil color caused by diseases such as Albinism, Irideremia, Leukocoria, Corneal Scar and other symptoms

Bandage Lens

SEED Iris Soft Contact Lens Color Chart

(Before ordering, please kindly refer as following)


Product Name SEED Iris Soft Contact Lens
Registration No. in Japan 20900BZZ00438000
Lens Material Hydrogel
Pigment Material Japan Government Approved Safe Colorants
Pigment Embedded Method Dyeing the lens (Although the pigments directly contact the cornea, there is no safety problem for the pigments.)
DK value 12 × 10-11 (cm2 / sec)・ (mLO2 / (mL × mmHg))
Refractive index 1.444
Luminous transmittance More than 94%
Water Content 35%
Modality Daily Wear up to 12 months
Cleaning & Disinfection Daily Clean and Disinfect lens by non-abrasive and non-peroxide soft contact lens solution.
BC 5types (8.00mm, 8.30mm, 8.60mm, 8.90mm, 9.20mm)
Power Range 0.00D ~ ± 10.00D (0.25D increments)
±10.50D ~ ± 25.00D (0.50D increments)
Depends on BC (0.5mm increments)
When BC is 8.00mm: 12.0mm~13.5mm
8.30mm: 12.0mm~14.0mm
8.60mm: 12.0mm~14.5mm
8.90mm: 12.0mm~15.0mm
9.20mm: 12.0mm~15.0mm
Centre Thickness 0.13mm (-3.00D)
Design 5 Types
Iris Diameter 9.5mm~12.5mm (0.5mm increments );
Pupil Diameter (depend on the Type and Power) 1.5mm~9.0mm (0.5mm increments);
Iris Colour (depend on the Type and Power) Brown 3 types (A,B,C), Black 1 type (D)

How to choose Pupil Diameter?

  • Standard: 3mm
  • If the patient is young, can consider 3.5mm
  • If the patient aims to have vison correction and reduce photophobia , can consider 2mm

How to choose Iris Diameter?

  • Standard: 11.5mm
  • Match with the DIA of the other eye.

How to choose Colour?

  • Standard: Brown (C)
  • Match with the color of the other eye by provided color chart.

How to choose Type?

  • Patients aiming to have vision correction, appearance improvement, photophobia reduction due to poor miosis > Type No.3
  • Patients aiming to have photophobia reduction > Types No.1, No.4
  • Patients who do not need vision correction, and aim to improve their appearance>Type No.2, No.5

Base Curve/ Fitting :

  • Due to hygiene and custom-made characteristics, no trial lens available for fitting.
  • Regular cornea: empirical method (BC~mean K +0.8mm); Irregular cornea (Topographer ref.)
  • We suggest the first ordered lens with: Base Curve (BC): 8.6mm and Diameter (DIA): 13.5/14.0mm.
  • Apart from “ordering by lens “, we offer “ordering by case ” that each lens can be exchanged 1 times within 60 days after delivery.
  • Practitioners can adjust the fitting by BC and DIA according to the fitting of the first ordered lens.
  • Fitting guide:
    •good centration and coverage.
    • movement after blinking: 1.0 ~ 1.5mm
    • no indentation of blood vessels at lens edge.

For example

Basic Data needed for prescription:

Eye of Wearing BC Power DIA Type Iris Diameter Pupil Diameter Colour
R 8.6 ‐3.00 13.5 NO.3 11.0 3.0 C

Type No.1, No.4 : BC, Power, Diameter, Type, Iris Diameter, Colour (Pupil Diameter is not required)
Type No.2, No.3, No.5: BC, Power, Diameter, Type, Pupil Diameter , Iris Diameter, Colour